Volume 1, Number 1 (Spring 2008)

Dedication to Burdette Green

by Blake Henson and Benjamin Williams, Editors

[1] "Some people come into our lives, leave footprints on our hearts, and we are never the same." ~ Franz Schubert
Burdette Green
Burdette Green

[2] "There used to be a journal that several of the graduate students put together," Burdette Green mentioned one morning after lecturing on the development of music theory. "It died a few decades ago, but I think we have a few editions lying around here somewhere…"

[3] Nearly four decades ago, a handful of graduate music students at The Ohio State University founded a small publication under the auspices of faculty advisor Norman Phelps. The journal became an exciting medium for graduate students to share their work and research in the various disciplinary areas of music scholarship. While the first printings boasted a great deal of popularity, ever-increasing publication costs forced the journal to shutdown indefinitely.

[4] "There used to be a journal that several of the graduate students put together, but it died a few decades ago…"

[5] This remark was no chance reminiscence, but rather an intentional and specific charge. The Journal of the Graduate Music Students at The Ohio State University was first published in 1969, the same year Green received his doctorate at Ohio State. Having picked up on his subtlety, we thought it would be fitting for the Journal to be revived and released in 2008, the same year as Green's retirement after 54 years of service to the Ohio State School of Music.

Green and Editors
Blake R. Henson, Burdette Green, Benjamin Williams

[6] As we began combing through past issues of the Journal, we were struck by the presence of a dedication to retiring faculty members in many editions. This seemed an appropriate moment of thanksgiving offered on behalf of graduate music students to a beloved teacher, mentor, and friend. It is in that spirit that we are privileged and honored to dedicate this first issue of The Ohio State Online Music Journal to Burdette Green, without whose guidance, support, and subtle nudging in the right direction none of this would have been possible.

[7] "There used to be a journal that several of the graduate students put together, but it died a few decades ago…"

[8] Thanks to Burdette Green, the Journal of the graduate music students is alive again.

Burdette Green joined the OSU faculty in 1954 as instructor of music theory and saxophone, and will be retiring in the Spring of 2008. In 1960, he studied musicology with Dragan Plamenac at the University of Illinois and in 1969 completed his doctorate at Ohio State under the supervision of Richard Hoppin. A former member of the Columbus Symphony Orchestra, Professor Green has had an active career as a performer in the Columbus Jazz Orchestra. He is co-author of From Music Acoustics to Tonspychologie: Fresh Experimental Perspectives appearing in The Cambridge History of Western Music Theory for the Cambridge University Press. In addition to having presented papers at meetings of the Society for Music Theory and the American Musicological Society, Professor Green taught music theory courses at Ohio State for 54 years.